The Project Management Hierarchy You’ve Been Missing

Tracup’s Hierarchy Template follows an intuitive Address It And Get It Done (AIDA) approach to outline your project structure. We addressed the issues of disorganized projects and unclear management levels; now you can bring clarity and direction to even the most complex initiatives.

Like Chalmers, the new VP of Product Development at Acme Corp, who struggled with aligning objectives across multiple programs and stakeholders. "The Tracup Hierarchy Template gave us a blueprint to establish a common project taxonomy. We finally had a shared understanding of roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships which reduced confusion and conflict, allowing us to ship features on time and under budget."

Tracup’s Hierarchy Template includes predefined management levels from Project to Program to Portfolio with descriptions for each role. Simply choose the levels that match your project needs, assign managers to each level, and you'll have a optimized management hierarchy in no time!

Benefits of Using the Tracup Hierarchy Template:

•Increased clarity of roles, responsibilities and reporting relationships

•Aligned objectives and seamless collaboration across teams

•Improved accountability with clearly defined management scopes

•Reduced costs and delays from eliminating duplicated work or oversight

•Enabled data-driven decision making with visibility into key metrics

•Future-proofed your project structure to scale up or down as needed

Click the [Use Template] button to select your project, team and management levels. We’ll then generate your customized hierarchy with reporting relationships and responsibilities for each role. You’ll be managing your projects with confidence in no time!

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Q: How many management levels can the template support?

A: The Tracup Hierarchy Template supports up to 6 levels of management for even the largest and most complex projects.

Q: Can the template be customized?

A: Absolutely! The Tracup Hierarchy Template was built to be flexible. Easily adjust role names, scopes, and reporting relationships to meet your unique needs.

Q: Is the template available for additional fees?

A: No, the Tracup Hierarchy Template is included free with all Tracup subscriptions. We believe strong project management should be accessible to all.


“As an Agile Coach, I've been looking for a tool to bring more structure to my clients' sprints and epics. The Tracup Hierarchy Template is perfect for this!” - Lorena, Agile Coach

“Finally, a simple way to establish boundary and context for our product teams. No more Scope Creep!” - Khalid, Technical Program Manager

“This template reflects real life project complexity without being complicated itself. Genius!” - Tessa, Project Portfolio Manager

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