Capture Life's Moments with GoPlus CamPro - The Ultimate Wifi Video Recorder Solution!

GoPlus CamPro is the perfect mobile app companion for all your video recording needs. With its practical functions and user-friendly design, it allows you to capture and preserve beautiful moments and scenery effortlessly. Whether you're an adventure enthusiast, a travel junkie, or simply want to document your everyday life, GoPlus CamPro is here to enhance your video recording experience.


- Sync Preview: Real-time focus on the scene in front of the camera for perfect shots.

- Live Video Streaming: Stream videos with optimal resolution for seamless viewing.

- Easy Video Browsing: Browse and manage video files stored on your device through video streaming.

- Synchronization with Photo Database: Keep your memories organized by syncing with the system photo database and remote storage.

- Download and Play: Download video files to your device for offline viewing and enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

- Low Latency Streaming: Experience smooth streaming with minimal delay and smart video quality control.

- Device Power Detection: Monitor your device's power status to ensure uninterrupted recording.

Advantages and Benefits:

- Superior Video Quality: Capture stunning videos with the highest resolution and quality selection.

- Customizable Settings: Adjust sensor parameters and personalize general system settings to suit your preferences.

- Enhanced Security: Protect your content with an encrypted device for authorization and configurable SSID name and password.

- User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a simplified design that makes recording and browsing videos a breeze.

Use Instructions:

1. Click the [Install] button or scan the QR code to download and install the GoPlus CamPro Android app on your smartphone or iOS on an iPhone.

2. Open the GoPlus CamPro app and grant necessary permissions.

3. Connect your device to the GoPlus CamPro Wifi network.

4. Start recording and capturing beautiful moments effortlessly.

5. Browse, download, and manage your videos with ease.

6. Customize settings to enhance your recording experience.

7. Share your videos with friends and family using the app's built-in sharing options.


- Recording mode resolution and quality selection

- Capture mode sensor parameter adjustment

- General system settings


- Use encrypted device for authorization

- Configurable device SSID name and password to protect content

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